CONTENTS                                  ISBN 979-8465-19-9
  1. The implementation of SEAWATCH Indonesia in the participation on GOOS coastal module (Tusy A.A)
  2. Development of regional GOOS in southeast Asia: the need of partnership and capacity building (Aprilani S)
  3. NEAR-GOOS - The north east Asia Regional Global Ocean Observing System: An Overview (Maarten K)
  4. General policies for the sustainable development of marine resources in Indonesia (Achmad Muhamad)
  5. TCP/IP network as a data transportation platform for collecting data from remote station to data processing center in marine information system (A.A. Arman)
  6. Monitoring sea level using GPS (Hasanuddin Z.A)
  7. SEAWATCH program in Vietnam (Nguyen The Tuong)
  8. Several aspect for developing of the SEAWATCH activities in marine meteorological field over Indonesia (P.Agus Winarso)
  9. Information needs for Indonesian coastal and marine environmental management (Aca Sugandhy)
  10. Secure digital communication techniques for data distribution of SEAWATCH Indonesia (M.A. Purwoadi)
  11. Coastal and sea use planning: an approach for sustainable coastal development (Rokhmin Dahuri)
  12. Information technology use in SEAWATCH Indonesia (B.P. Thrane)
  13. Application of SEAWATCH Indonesia in oil and gas industries (Djoko Suwasono)
  1. The role of SEAWATCH Indonesia data in supporting DISHIDROS activities (Fadm. Nicolas P. Ello)

  2. Oil spill response in Indonesia (Eka Sukmawati)

  3. The role of policiy for the coastal management in Indonesia (Tusy A. Adibroto)

  4. Utilization of SEAWATCH data for research in oceanology by RDCO-LIPI (Djoko Praseno)

  5. Environmental quality program in SEAWATCH Indonesia (Ressy Oktivia

  6. Characteristic of tidal and wind current in Jakarta bay (M.R. Putri

  7. Application of GIS and SEAWATCH buoy monitoring in coastal area development plan (A. Riyadi & Tusy A. Adibroto)

  8. Potential of Indonesian coastal ecosystems for shrimp aquaculture (Agus Supangat)

  9. Harmful phytoplankton in Norwegian waters - an overview (Karl Tangen & Einar Dahl)

  10. SEAWATCH project for marine surveillance in Thailand (Prof. Dr. Twesukdi Piyakamchana)

  11. Brief on SEAWATCH in Asian countries (Per Erik Soras)

  12. Application of the Indonesia SEAWATCH information system in mariculture development (Purwanto)

  13. The application of SEAWATCH Indonesia monitoring system for environmental management of mariculture (Arif D. Santoso)

  14. Study of silvofishery in the bay of Jakarta and Seribu islands for supporting mariculture: "to combine the ecological and economic interest in silvofishery" (Djoko Prasetyo & Titin Handayani)

  15. The application of environmental monitoring system of SEAWATCH Indonesia in determining the microbal nutrient cycling and the primary productivity of the Indonesian marine habitats (H. Ambarsari & A. Ridlo)

  16. Design of web based information system with downloaded content from bulletin board system (A.A. Arman)

  17. The potent of marine resources for the future (Sudaryono)

  18. Human resources in quality management (Djoko Padmono)

  19. Remote sensing application for marine study (Agus Suryantoro)

  20. Heavy metals in coast of Batam island (Yudhi S. Garno)

  21. Algae growth in Jepara shrimp pond related to the natural seawater supply (Noorhamid)

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