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A new generation of data buoys. Specially designed for real time monitoring and forecasting of marine and meteorological conditions.

The SEAWATCH buoy is a vertically stabilized buoy, based on a transparent framework, surrounding the central buoyancy. The framework is the platform for sensors measuring meteorological and oceanographic data as well as other parameters.

Processor and interfacing electronics are designed for the lowest possible power consumption. The SEAWATCH buoy is proven to operate in rough conditions for months without maintenance.

The data acquisition is based on the powerful GENI unit that gives instants, accurate data collection and processing.

The SEAWATCH buoy is designed to be tailored to the client's need for reliable data acquisition and transfer, based on a variety of sensors and telemetry systems. All transmitted data are also stored on a hard disk onboard the SEAWATCH buoy. 

 Sensor Measuring  Buoy Characteristics  Data Processing
-Waves -Weight: 450 kg. GENI processing unit with:
-Wind speed and direction -Height: 6.5 cm. -Low power consumption
-Air temperature and pressure -Diameter: 1.2 m. -16/32 analog channels
-Currents -Nat. Freq. Heave: 1.4 sec. -6 RS-232C lines
-Attenuation (for algae) -Material: Alumunium,divinycell -Multiprotocol communication controller
-Oxygen saturation -Power supply: 14.7 volt batteries -Advance Real Time op. system
-Radioactivity                               Solar panel -Modular Turbo C++ software
-Temperature/salinity profile -Algorithm for data analysis & transmission

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