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The prototype of this buoy is a result from the co-operation research between Institute Technology of Bandung and BPPT.

The ongoing status of this prototype are describe below:
(Fiscal year 1999/2000 - resumed on January 2000)

Item Status (%)
-Buoy construction 90
-Transmission system from buoy to land station 75
-Power supply 75
-Sensor/transducer 75
-Processing unit 100
-Buoy Operating System 100
-Software for data transmission from land station to read down station 90
 Sensor Measuring  Buoy Characteristics  Data Processing
-Wind speed and direction -Weight: 200 kg. Processing unit with:
-Air temperature and pressure -Height: 7 cm. -Low power consumption
-Currents -Diameter: 1.4 m. -UHF radio link 2W omni pole
-Oxygen saturation -Material: Stainless steel -TNC modem 1200 bps, protocol AX.25
-pH -Power supply: 12 volt batteries -Multiprotocol communication controller
-Temperature/salinity profile                        Solar panel -Advance Real Time op. system
                            -Modular Turbo C++ software
-Algorithm for data analysis & transmission

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